We strive to offer high-quality vehicles & expert service

The dawn of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa has brought about immense challenges for our country. As a business, we see ourselves playing a vital role in the improvement of the lives of the people in and around Nelson Mandela Metro with the use of our expertise and experience, which is utilized in an effective and professional environment.

At Nissan Eastern Cape, SHIFT_expectations is the ethic that defines the way we do business, not only of what our valuable customers expect from us, but what we expect from ourselves.

Why trust us?

NEC is part of a National Group of 12 dealerships consisting of various international motor vehicle brands.

The bulk based in the Eastern Cape started operating as far back as the 1980’s employing over 500 people at our various dealerships.

The NEC dealership is equipped with 65 highly trained and experienced staff and is headed up by Dealer Principal Johan Londt. 

The Eastern Cape Motor Group is an Independent PTY company with four directors.

What makes us a winning car dealership?

Our Vision

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our business. By identifying and meeting our customers’ needs through an ethical, fair, and courteous relationship, we will be able to achieve our vision as the premier private motor dealer group in the country, providing quality service to our customers, that is Beyond their Best Expectation.

Our Mission

To attain our vision, the company’s business philosophy is centred around three elements: Establishing and nurturing lifetime relationships with customers. Enthusiastic, motivated staff members who are proud of their Eastern Cape Motors Team. Satisfactory profit and cost structures.

We strive to

Continually improve our customer focus and our productivity. Work as a Team in a safe environment and continue to build and develop our “Team Ethnic”. Provide our customers with vehicles, parts and service value that are beyond their Best Expectation.